How the Three Areas of Business Apply to a Business in My City

Almost all businesses apply three main areas: sales and marketing, operations, and finance and administration. These three things are very important for a business’s success in the market. The business I will be writing about and applying these three areas to, is actually a business I work at. The business is called Quantum Health.

One of the ways that sales and marketing apply to Quantum Health is through social media, like Facebook and Instagram. The store owner, my boss post’s a new post whenever she gets a new product in, to get the word out. Another way that Quantum Health applies sales and marketing is by making good relationships with regular customers. By having a good relationship with that regular customer, gives my boss a higher chance of getting more new customers because this regular customer, who is happy with my boss’s service will tell their friends about the business, and how great it is.

The way that operations apply to Quantum Health is with the extra services that the business provides, such as health advice, advice on how to take a certain product, and advice on ways to improve the way a customer feels physically. Another way that Quantum Health applies operations with service is by taking product requests by customers, to ensure that the store contains a wide variety.

The way that finance and administration is applied to Quantum Health is through accountants who ensure that all the taxes of the business are paid on time, and they calculate the average profits per year, etc. But the store owner manages all the payments towards employees, and the payments for new products to sell.

In conclusion this is how the three areas of business apply to Quantum Health.

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