Is Homeschooling Beneficial for Students?

Many parents wonder if homeschooling is the right or wrong educational route for their child, especially if their child is struggling in public school. Many parents will hesitate because they are uncertain of the fact that homeschooling is beneficial for their child. But I assure you homeschooling is highly beneficial for the student, and here’s why.

In public school education you have to keep up with teachers and study from a textbook, but with homeschooling you can learn at your own pace and learn from all sorts of sources, including online schooling, which means that you don’t necessarily have to buy textbooks, you can just use an online course. Also homeschooling teaches the student how to become self independent and reliable because their education is now their and their parents responsibility.

A homeschool student has far less distractions than one who goes to public school, and a lot more freedom to learn things outside of the standard public school curriculum. You can never really fall behind in school because homeschooling is about learning at your own pace, not at the pace that “everyone” is supposed to be at. 

In an average public school, school lasts for around 6-7 hours, not including homework, which leaves the student without time to do their hobbies or extracurricular activities, but with homeschooling you can compress your school to about 3-4 hours(this is how long my school usually takes), which leaves you time to do other things.

In conclusion, homeschooling is far more beneficial to a student than public school. Homeschooling teaches a student a wide variety of life skills that will be useful for the students lifetime such as responsibility and discipline, these skills public schools do not teach. So yes homeschooling is beneficial for the student.


  1. Nice post… am nominationing you for the Great Achiever Mahasiddhi Blogger Award. For details: Please help spread PEACE & SAVE ENVIRONMENT through this small step. Thanks a lot.🙂🙂🙂🙏

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  2. Lrose5 says:

    I totally agree! I LOVE being homeschooled!

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  3. dolphinwrite says:

    It’s far greater than I have time to share, but I also know many are discovering exactly what you’re sharing. Thanks for the article. I’ve said this many times, but we (siblings and friends) grew up when America was number one in the world (We’ve fallen significantly.). But that education (I can see how much better it could have been, even back then.) was light-years ahead of today. When I talk with home schooled students, they are almost always light years ahead. And with all the propaganda and horrific social messaging today, we believe it’s high time parents take on the responsibility and honor to teach their kids with love and understanding.

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    1. Thank you, and your welcome! Agreed!

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  4. A Rogue Dream
    Melanie Figg
    after Olivia Gatwood:
    “Three different beautiful girls punch
    each other in the face to have me sit next to them.
    I decline and the school’s most lovely, artsy boy
    slides over to make room. He knows his feelings
    and only goes too far
    when he honestly misunderstands. He’s one of the safer ones.

    I walk down the halls and no one makes fun of me.
    I pass the section of lockers where her locker is, and
    she is there, taking a book out of her backpack.
    She’ll go running this weekend, as usual, and won’t
    be followed. The man who won’t be following
    her has already followed half a dozen women
    to rape and kill and leave in the woods. But she won’t be
    followed. She’ll survive her fate this time, and come back

    to school on Monday, avoid the mean girls in the bathroom.
    She’ll pick on the new girl, call her a virgin of all things.
    She’ll limp her way through math, cheat a bit in science,
    do pretty good in history and English. She’ll graduate,
    and go to the state school on a track scholarship. She’ll
    have two girls and keep them safe. She’ll almost forget

    about this other ending: her in the woods near her house,
    staring at the ground beneath her, wondering why”.

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  5. Great post. I’ve looked at much of the literature regarding the effectiveness of homeschooling. Educationally, it is unmatched by public and private schools. (Almost every academic study shows it is better. Only one or two studies show it is about the same. None show homeschooling as worse.) It also avoids many of the dangers (abuse, bullying, drugs, gangs, etc.) found in brick-and-mortar schools.

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  6. dolphinwrite says:

    Education is not as difficult as the education would have you believe. Caring parents providing resources, basic skills, real-life lessons, and opportunities (Some parents have their kids working in their businesses, which is an incredible life-lesson that lasts a lifetime.), and projects do far more than what we’ve seen these past couple of decades. As I shared with a friend, she agreeing, the longer the students are propagandized, the light goes out of their eyes. They actually become less able to think for themselves the longer they remain. Parents are the guardians of their children.


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