Why a Blog With Lots of Content Will Help Me Get My First Full-Time Job After College?

Creating a blog or multiple blogs is a very helpful and meaningful way to spend your extra time, instead of wasting it. Also having a blog or blogs is a great way to look back on when you are older. In this essay I will be explaining why a blog with lots of content will help me get my first full-time job after College.

Blogging is a fun and enjoyable way to improve your writing. For example because you have a blog and post written content regularly you have to make sure that your writing is at top notch because anyone can now read your writing. From my experience whenever I read through all my blog posts, oldest to most recent, I notice a pretty significant change in my writing skills and style. Now if I were to get a job that is related to writing, I would just send my future employer a link to my site, so that he/she can scroll through my posts and see that I am capable of the position.

Having a blog is a way to have proof of your achievements, and if you show that “proof” to a future employer, then that future employer has a reason to hire me, after they discover I am capable of the job. 

Another way that having a blog with lots of content will help me get more first full-time jobs after college is that my blog shows my future employer that I get things done, and that I am diligent. The reason why my blog shows those two things is because my blog contains my weekly essays, which hence prove that I am diligent with my writing and that I get my writing assignments done. An employer likes a hardworking, diligent, responsible, and “getting things done” sort of employee.

In conclusion, this is how a blog with lots of content will help me get my first full-time job after college.

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