Harry Browne’s Five-Point Sales Process

Harry Browne’s book, The Secret of Selling Anything, is a book on sales and how to be successful with sales. The book itself covers many important and helpful points on sales. In this essay I will be discussing the book’s “five-point sales process.”

The Five-Point Sales Process

Point one: discover the prospect’s motivation.

To do this you have to talk to the potential customer, and ask questions like: “what are you looking for,” “what is your problem/issue,” etc. Also if you ask questions of this sort make sure to listen to the potential customer when he/she replies. Remember you have to keep your customer talking, agree with them, and rather relate to them to find out his/her’s motivation.

Point two: summarize the motivation.

After speaking, agreeing, and understanding the potential customer you now have to think about the person’s questions, to be prepared to give an answer. Summarize what he/she has told you to find the right product or service that the potential customer wants.

Point three: present your product or service

Now present the product or service that the customer wanted to see, to see if the customer wants it or not.

Point four: answer the prospect’s questions

When you have now found the answers to your customer’s questions.

Point five: close the sale

Now that you have found the ideal price, product, or service that the customer wants, then you make the deal, and if the customer agrees, that closes the sale.

In conclusion this is Harry Browne’s five-point sales process.

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