My Favorite Product-Based Company

My favorite product-based company is Aritzia. Aritzia is a pretty large clothing company that sells a wide variety of clothing. They also sell a wide variety of in house brands such as TNA, Wilfred, and Sunday Best. Also the store sells some brands outside of the company such as Levi’s. The company itself is pretty large with eight four up-scale operated stores in North America, most of which are in Canada.

Aritzia was founded in 1984, by a man named Brian Hill, in Vancouver British Columbia. The company was a private company until October 2016. Also the company has an online site. I have been shopping from Aritzia for almost a year and a half now, and it has never disappointed me, and has been a very reliable place for me to buy more expensive and higher quality clothing, without too much hassle. Though I prefer to buy clothes from local businesses, Aritzia just carries a much wider variety, compared to most local stores in my area.

The reason why it is one of my favorite product-based company’s is because, it sells pretty high quality clothing, it has a wide variety which makes it easier to find what you want, and the employees of the Aritzia stores(at least to the ones I have been too), are friendly and very helpful. In conclusion Aritzia is my favorite product-based company.

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