Which Aspect of the Plot so Far Sounds Most Implausible, in the Book: In His Steps?

In His Steps, by Charles Sheldon, is a book about a group of people who are challenged by their pastor Rev. Maxwell, to not do anything in their life before they ask themselves the line, “what would Jesus do?” I have been reading this book for a few weeks and there have been many moments of the book’s plot that are incredibly implausible, actually most of the book itself is quite implausible in my opinion. But the most implausible aspect of this novel in my opinion is when Rachel, one of the main character’s, who happens to be a very talented singer(who sings at the church), rejects the offer of having a life of singing, in other words rejecting the offer of doing something she loves and making a large fortune from it. Just because she believes that Jesus would not do that, even though the bible has no passages against making money or singing for money. Well before I get carried away, here is a deeper and more detailed reason why I think this aspect of the novel is the most implausible.

Well first of all from what I have read, I am pretty sure that the bible has nothing against making money like I mentioned above. But the character Rachel is guilt ridden on the fact that pursuing her dreams or making a comfortable fortune would be negative to society, which I personally believe is just foolish. If you have more money you can donate your money to charities or various other causes, which would bring a positive impact on society. 

Also Rachel doesn’t have any proof that Jesus would turn down an offer like that she has just received, she just feels he would, which isn’t anything to back up her decision, you can’t make big decisions like that based on feelings! You make decisions based on logic and actual proof that Jesus would do the same, in the case for Rachel.  

Another reason why this aspect of the novel’s plot is implausible is the fact that Rachel is paid by the church for her singing. Which means that if she had accepted that offer of having a life of singing she could have donated some of her money to the church, which would help the church’s cause, right? 


Rachel’s “feeling” based decision in rejecting the offer of having a life of singing, is probably the most implausible plot aspect of the novel: Looking Backward.

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