Two Significant Things During the Early Periods of Greece

For this past week I have been learning about Ancient Greece, which includes Homer’s and Hesiod’s works, and some of the early Greek philosophers. In this essay I will be writing about the significance of ancient Greece in Western civilization, and the significance of Pre-Socratic philosophy.

The Significance of Ancient Greece in Western Civilization

Ancient Greece is very significant to western civilization and culture. Well to begin with, look at Greek architecture and philosophical ideas, by famous ancient Greek philosophers, characteristics of both things have been adopted and expanded in the west. Also look at the Romans, who adopted Greek architecture and beliefs; the Renaissance and their adoption of Greek culture, especially in the Arts, and most of all look at the Greek influence in important American buildings such as the White House. Ancient Greek history is taught in most American and Canadian history classes, today. So yes Ancient Greece is significant to the west, and is still an influence to western culture today.

The Significance of Pre-Socratic Philosophy 

Pre-Socratic philosophers are philosophers who came before the very famous Greek philosopher, Socrates. Even though most of these pre-Socratic philosophers were wrong with most of their philosophies, they are still significant. Their ideas were building blocks for later philosophers to build on, and prove or disprove. For example one of the pre-Socratic philosophers: Anaxagoras, made a pretty major building block for his time in meteorology. Most people in the west still believe his philosophy on eclipses, which was the idea that the moon’s light is reflected by the sun. Even though these philosophers passed away so long ago, bits and pieces of their beliefs and philosophies are kept alive in textbooks, history classes, and are still taught and studied to this day.


Even though the period of ancient Greece was very long ago, and all of the famous and important figures from that period of Greece are long gone, that period in history, those famous figures, etc are still studied and taught to this day. You can still see the impact or significance of ancient Greece to this day.

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