Assumptions About Me

So today is a day that I usually post an essay, but frankly I don’t have any essays to post. So I decided to post something fun! A few bloggers I follow have been asking their followers to ask assumptions about them, and than they will answer those assumptions that their followers have commented.

So I decided to jump on the “trend.”

Please comment your assumptions about me, I will answer them in a later post!


  1. 1. You live in America.

    2. You have visited other countries.

    3. You favourite colour is purple.

    4. You are 17.

    5. You love writing.

    6. You weren’t born in America.

    7. You don’t like politics.

    These are super random! πŸ€‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š

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  2. Some assumptions:

    1. You like chocolate
    2. You love the outdoors
    3. Your favorite subject is science
    4. You love animals
    5. You listen to lots of music

    This is an amazing idea for a blog post! Hope these help!

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  3. 1. You like reading romance… πŸ“š
    2. You don’t have any pets… 🐈🐩
    3. You don’t like dark chocolate, only milk chocolate…🍫
    4. You like barbecued chicken… πŸ—
    5. Your favorite animal is a kitten… 😺

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  4. 1. You have an accent
    2. You like reading books
    3. You have been to public school before
    4. Not a big movie watcher
    5. But you love shows
    6. big on hoodies
    7. Funny, and very talented
    8. Pretty
    9. Love Pandas
    10. I think you live in Idaho
    – Maycee

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