Replying Assumptions Part. 2 assumptions:

1: You live in America? Actually I live in Canada, and have never been to America.

2: You have visited other countries? I have only visited one country, Japan. So you are mostly right on that one!

3: Your favorite color is purple? I love the color purple but I like pink a tad more, but close on that one!

4: You are seventeen? I am actually almost 15.

5: You love writing? Yes I do love writing, especially when I write stories!

6: You weren’t born in America? You are right on that one! I was born in Canada actually.

7: You don’t like politics? Yes, I don’t enjoy watching or hearing about politics, but I still study it because it is valuable to know and understand politics.

Thank you Jasmine for these assumptions! assumptions:

1: You like chocolate? Yes! I love chocolate!

2: You like the outdoors? Yes! Especially if the scenery is nice!

3: Your favorite subject is science? Yes and no. Last year science was my favorite subject but now I rather dislike it. XD

4: You love animals? Yes and no. I think animals are very beautiful and a lot of the times cute, especially if they are mammals or birds. But reptiles and insects. *shudders* I just avoid.

5: You listen to lots of music? Yes! Way to much, especially in the car or when I am writing an essay.

Thank you Miriam for these assumptions! assumptions:

1: You like reading romance? Yes! Romance is one of my favorite novel genres. Well Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors. XD

2: You don’t have any pets? Yes. I am completely pet less at the moment, and I have never actually had a pet before.

3: You don’t like dark chocolate, only milk chocolate? I like both dark and milk chocolate, but I actually like dark chocolate more.

4: You like barbecued chicken? Yes! I love barbecued meat in general, especially ribs!

5: Your favorite animal is a kitten? Yes and no! A kitten is my favorite domestic animal, but my favorite wild animal are pandas.

Thank you Victoria for these assumptions!

I will finish the last assumptions in the next post!



  1. I know I have said this before… but this is such an amazing blog post idea! Thank you so much for sharing. I might do this on my blog if I get more followers. I love reading you blog posts.

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  2. Great answers! I enjoyed reading them πŸ˜€ ❀ I love listening to music in the car too!! And I don't have a pet, either. I used to when I was younger, but my allergies got in the way.

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