Replying Assumptions Part. 3 assumptions:

1: You have an accent? I am not sure I do or not. Probably Americans will think I have a Canadian accent, but I really don’t know.

2: You like reading books? Yes! I love, love, reading books!

3: You have been to public school before? Actually I have never been to public school, I have been homeschooled all my life.

4: Not a big movie watcher? That is sorta true. Most movies bore me, because they lack a good plot. But I do enjoy watching a good movie.

5: But you love shows? Yes I like TV shows more than movies! One of my all time favorite TV show is Stranger Things.

6: You are big on Hoodies? Yes! Hoodies are the best, especially really over sized ones!

7: You are funny, and very talented? Aw! Thank you! I am not exactly sure on the funny part, but I am talented at some things, but that probably depends on opinion.

8: You are pretty? Thank you for assuming that! That depends on opinion, but often when I look at my self in the mirror, I think I look pretty, pretty. XD

9: You Love Pandas? Yes! Pandas are probably my favorite animal!

10: You live in Idaho? Nope! But I would like to visit. I live in Canada.

Thank you Maycee for these assumptions! assumption:

1: You are a voracious reader and like to learn things all the time? Yes! I am! I love reading books of most genres! I enjoy learning new things all the time, especially facts!

Thank you Perth Girl for the assumptions! assumptions:

1: You really like making awesome posts? Yes! At least I hope my posts are awesome. XD

2: You love cats and have had one before? I do love cats, but I have never actually had one as a pet before.

3: You love eating carrots, and also like bunnies? I like eating carrots, they are way better than celery. I love bunnies! They are so cute and soft.

Thank you Sam for these assumptions!

Whew! All of these assumptions were super fun to answer! Thank you, to you all who wrote these assumptions, again!



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