The Business Opportunity that Intrigued Me the Most

Website development is a very interesting business opportunity, and personally in my opinion it seems to be a very helpful and wanted service. In this essay I will be writing about the business opportunity that intrigued me: website development.

The first reason why website development intrigued me is the fact that there are so many options when you create the actual website. For example there is WordPress, Weebly, and much more! There are also many types of plan options when you build a website. These options are: business, e-commerce, premium, and personal. Also there are many options for website themes, no matter what type of website plan you got, you still have many great website theme options.

Like every business opportunity you always have to ensure that you are putting your best effort, in ensuring that everything is done correctly. Especially with the business and e-commerce plans you have to prevent typos or other writing errors. Small mistakes like these cannot be brushed off, when you have a business or e-commerce website, especially when that website is for a client, that is paying you. You should also have some understanding of coding, but that is optional.

In conclusion website development is the business opportunity that intrigued me the most.


  1. Yea I think web development might be fun, making blogs is fun so…

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