The Business Opportunity that Intrigued Me the Most

During this week of business I learned about four online business opportunities. During this study of these four opportunities the business opportunity that intrigued me the most was Website Theme Development.

Website Theme Development, is where you create the look and feel of a website, by customizing a theme, usually on WordPress. This allows the business you are customizing the theme for, to be able to compete with other businesses, just over the way the website looks. Most customers buy from a business who’s Website seems most appealing to them.

Of course, because the Website is the first impression to a customer you have to know how to properly develop the website theme. To achieve this good looking Website you need to be good at deciding a good design and color, and have experience on how to do it. You also have to be able to look at the competition to see how the Website can be better than those other Websites.

The way you make money with Website Theme Development is pretty obvious: you make money by developing the theme of a website, and get it advertised. Eventually you can also train someone on specific Websites. 

In conclusion, this business opportunity can be a long term or short term business opportunity. This opportunity may be a stepping stone for a bigger career, or it may be something you realize you don’t like doing. But nevertheless this is the business opportunity that intrigued me the most.

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