What are Three Stories in My Life that I Would Have to Include in My Autobiography?

Throughout my life there have been many events that have occurred, which you could consider miny stories of my life. But because of the requirement of this paper I must only write three stories of my life. These three stories are probably the most major things that have ever happened to me. (Note: these stories are not in particular order).

Driving Across Canada

I have moved a lot throughout my life. Recently my family found a location that was suitable to us, and we have been living in this place since. Back on topic, because I have moved a lot I have lived in all of the Canadian provinces except for New Brunswick, and I have visited every province. Though I have driven across Canada more than once, I only remember one of those intense trips vividly, which was the trip I did back in late 2018.

In late August 2018 my parents decided that they wanted to visit some family back east in Ontario(we were living in British Columbia), this was because we had not seen those family members for awhile, and because my parents did not know when we would be able to see those family members again. So we packed up our stuff in the car and went on the road. I wish it was just as simple as it sounded but it was not. 

The first day of driving we drove through British Columbia, to be exact, outside of Vancouver to a town past Calgary Alberta, which took a total of fifteen hours, including the drive breaks. Early the next morning my parents woke my siblings up and we started the drive. This time we drove from that town to Winnipeg, Manitoba, which was fourteen hours. The scenery at this point was flat, grey, and pretty boring, which made the drive feel like a million hours.

Like the day before we woke up early again, and started the drive, this time from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay Ontario. Which was a much shorter drive, around nine hours. At this point my parents, siblings, and I are exhausted and pretty over the drive but we keep pushing through. After sleeping in Thunder Bay we continue our drive, this time to Sault Ste Marie, where we stay overnight. Our last stop until we reach our destination. Again, early the next morning we pick up our drive, this time driving to a town a few hours away from Toronto. In other words, our destination!

After this drive and the drive back, my family has concluded that it is a much better idea to fly across Canada instead of driving across it, unless you like painful hours in a car. This type of trip is not for the faint of heart, but I recommend it to any intense traveler who wants to see a lotl of Canada.

Going to Provincials 

This event happened a little before my trip across Canada. During the summer of 2018, I did a competitive summer swimming program; the swim training was intense but also really fun. During the regional swim meet I happened to qualify for one-hundred meter breaststroke, and I was also an alternate for the fifty meter butterfly, which landed me in provincials. At provincials itself, it was like every other swim meet, except there were more people and the pool was a lot bigger. Also the meet itself was longer than the average swim meet, usually swim meets are two days long, but provincials are three days long.

My swim event was on the last day of the swim meet, so I just spent time with my team, and cheered my teammates on for the first two days. Also my siblings were swimming on those days. On the day I had to swim it was overwhelming, and a little nerve racking. The day I was swimming on was probably the busiest day, because it seemed like everyone had events on that day. But things became a lot less nerve racking when I actually swam. I placed 13th, and managed to get into B finals, which I swam. Overall the provincial experience was pretty enjoyable, but probably something I would not do again, or would be able to achieve otherwise.

My Visit to Anne of Green Gables House

When I was pretty young, around six or seven, my family and I lived in Prince Edward Island for a few months in a relatives cottage. During my short time in Prince Edward Island, my family and I did a lot of things related to Anne of Green Gables(I was obsessed with the book series at the time). We went to an Anne of Green Gables musical, drank raspberry cordial, and most importantly went to Anne of Green Gables house and Lucy Maud Montgomery’s childhood home.

One day my parents decided to take my siblings on a drive, and before I knew it we were pulling up to a very green and white house, that looked a lot like Green Gables. I was very happy, and so excited to go inside the house, and see how Anne would have lived. After, we visited Montgomery’s childhood home, which was conveniently in the same area. I wasn’t as excited to see Montgomery’s house, probably because I didn’t really know who she was, but it still was a lot of fun.


These are three stories in my life that I would have to include in my autobiography.


  1. Sophie G says:

    Wow cool, I’ve always wanted to see Anne’s house (I used to just LOVE her too and watched the movies XD).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cool! Same here, those movies were my life back in the day. XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sophie G says:

        Yeah, I just loved them. I also liked reading and watching Pollyanna and reading Pollyanna grows up. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Cool! I didn’t enjoy Pollyanna as much, probably because I thought the character was a little annoying. XD

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Sophie G says:

    I get you, it was a little hard for me to play the glad game (I can’t even believe I tried) and I quickly gave up and found positivity in the world my own way. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol. The glad game was the thing that really got me. Agreed.

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  3. The longest road trip I’ve ever been on is 35 hours, with no stops. We drove through the night and ate a seedy burger shops on our way to North Dakota. 😖 I don’t think I’d want to do that again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Woah! That’s so long! I would of died. XD


  4. Perth Girl says:

    Wow I love Anne if green gables and I. An only imagine how exciting that would have been.
    I am not a fan of kind road trips. It just gets so exhausting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s awesome! Same here, they are.

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  5. Hi there, I live in New Brunswick. My family and I just arrived in Osoyoos BC to spend our winter here! It’s our first time to drive across Canada! It was tiring, but fun!

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    1. Hey! Cool! I have been to New Brunswick. Woah! That’s nice! I have been to osoyoos before, best peaches in bc! I had the same experience when I did that trip.

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  6. By the way, I’m also doing a fundraiser for Food Banks Canada!

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  7. Cool! 💖 I also write an autobiography in my blog site and I hope you find time reading it too💖

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