The Business Opportunity that Intrigued Me the Most

During this week I learned about four business opportunities. Out of the four business opportunities the one that intrigued me the most was Selling Products online. Here is why this business opportunity intrigued me the most.

Selling products online is far more practical than having to schedule meet ups, or deal with a brick and mortar store that sells your products. This is because you sell your products online! Selling products online is more possible than ever before, with Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, Etsy, etc. Also you can sell your products from more than one distributor.

The way you sell products online is by first finding something you want to sell, such as a book that you don’t need anymore, basically it can be anything. You have to make sure that the item/items are not damaged, or worn, then you take pictures of the product. Finally you post it on one of the online selling sites, where people will either bid or buy the product. Then you send the product to the customer who ordered the product, the product will then go to that person.

The way you make money from this business opportunity is by setting up two accounts, a bank account(which most people have), and a paypal account. This is obvious because if you sell products online people will pay with online methods.

In conclusion selling products online is the business opportunity that intrigued me the most this week.

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