Some of the Good Things That Came as a Result of Jim Lehrer’s Heart Attack

During the past two weeks I have been reading the autobiography: A Bus of My Own, by Jim Lehrer. Because this is an autobiography the book is about the author’s life, Jim Lehrer. One of the main moments that happens during Jim Lehrer’s life which is of course included in his autobiography, is him getting a heart attack, which nearly kills him. Even though this terrible thing happened to Lehrer, what were some of the good things that came as a result of this heart attack, to Lehrer?

In chapter nine of this autobiography Lehrer writes a list of goals that he wants to achieve; this is pretty soon after his heart attack. One of the main parts of this list is a section that he labeled “Healthy Things I will now do,” which contains the things he would change in his life that would make it healthier. Some of the “healthy things” that he includes are: he will never smoke again, never get angry, never eat pizza, never eat french fries, never eat hamburgers, he would exercise regularly, take a nap everyday, etc. This list and change in his overall eating habits, and overall health habits is a good thing that came out as a result of his heart-attack because, before his heart-attack his lifestyle and eating habits were far from healthy, and needed vast improvement for health sake. For imaginary sake just picture his old diet as a big pile of highly salty, greasy, faty, and sugary foods.

After this section of his list, Lehrer writes another section: this section of his list contains what he called, “ Major Priorities I Will Now Live Everyday in Everyway.” This section of the list contains only three words, yet these words are very important: “Love, Relax, and Write.” This list is important because it helped him have a less stressful and more enjoyable life, which in turn was one of the good things that came as a result of his heart-attack.

The final good thing that came as a result of Lehrer’s heart-attack I will be writing about relates to the first thing I wrote about, which is taking care of himself more. After Lehrer’s heart attack he began to care for himself more, which includes changing his diet, lifestyle, and mentality. After his heart-attack he became more conscious of his overall health, to prevent himself from getting another heart-attack, or any other life threatening health situation that is preventable.  

In conclusion the good things that came as a result of Lehrer’s heart attack are: changing his eating habits and lifestyle, having a more enjoyable and less stressful life, and caring for himself more overall. 

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