The Dipylon Amphora, and Greek Religion vs. the Religion of the Hebrews

The ancient Greeks are well known for their skilled craftsmanship when it comes to art; though they are not that many specimens of Greek art that are around today, from what people have gathered from the little Greek art found and the Roman copies, etc, it is very clear that the Greeks were skilled when it comes to art. The specific ancient Greek art piece I will be writing about today is an ancient vase-painting called, Dipylon Amphora. Also in this essay I will be writing about Greek religion and the differences and similarities it has to the religion of the Hebrews.

The Dipylon Amphora

The Dipylon Amphora is a pretty large ancient Greek vase, which was crafted around 750 BC, in the Archaic period in ancient Greek art. This vase most likely was used as a grave marker. This vase was made in three sections on a potter’s wheel. These three sections were joined together to make this large vase into its total height of one-hundred and sixty centimeters.

Some of the main features of this vase are: the outer surface bears horizontal bands which were painted in the style of the Late Geometric period. The cylinder neck includes images of repeated stylized goats and deer. In between the handles of the vase on one side contains a rectangular  image that depicts a prosthesis scene of a dead woman. Like I mentioned above this vase is pretty large, and quite impressive.

Greek Religion vs. the Religion of the Hebrews

The religion of the ancient Greeks consisted of two parts: the worship of a family god, and the worship of the public gods(such as Zeus, Athena, etc), which people usually associate with the religion of the ancient Greeks. This religion of the worship of the family god is pretty interesting because each ancient Greek family would worship one god, and those god’s would differ per each family. Which in other words means that no more than one family worshiped a god. A unique thing about ancient Greece’s public religion is the fact that those god’s were not All powerful, instead they could be appeased. Religion in general to the Ancient Greeks was very important.

As for the Hebrews? The Hebrews worshipped one God, The God. Every Hebrew would worship the same God, so the religion is pretty united in the sense that every Hebrew worships the same God. Also the God of the Hebrews was all powerful, which meant that he could not be appeased. Also religion was important to the Hebrews,

The similarity of these two Religions are: the fact that religion was important to both groups, and both groups took their religions quite seriously. But the religions of these groups are pretty different for these reasons: the Greeks were not united in the fact that they believed in one god, they believed in one separate god from each other unlike the Hebrews who believed in one God. Also the public gods of the ancient Greeks could be appeased, they were not all powerful, but the God that the Hebrews worshipped was all powerful, and could never be appeased. 


The art of the ancient Greeks, though so little has survived, has been a great influence to other later civilizations including Rome, who have created many copies of the Greek works. Also the influence of Greek art and culture is still seen today. As for Greek and Hebrew religion, those two religions are pretty different except for the fact that both groups took their religion seriously..

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