A Bus of My Own

During the past few weeks of English I was assigned to read Jim Lehrer’s, A Bus of my Own; which is an autobiography about the author Jim Lehrer(obviously). While reading this book I realized that autobiographies did not have to be boring, dragging, or unexciting. This book itself is pretty entertaining and I have enjoyed reading it. Now that I have finished this book I will be writing about a one of the life stories in this autobiography, which I am calling here: “A Bus of My Own.”

The Story

One night Lehrer has a “conversation,” with The Voice of Buses Past. This “voice,” tells Lehrer that it is time for him to buy a bus, a real bus. Lehrer asked this “voice,” what kind of bus he should get, and the “voice” replied that he should buy a Flxible Clipper. This conversation goes on, and the end result is Lehrer deciding to buy a bus. After this, Lehrer starts hunting for the right bus; after some searching he gets into contact with a man who lived in Tennessee. Lehrer’s hope for a bus was a little dashed though, when he spoke with this man. The man said he had that type of bus but it was not in good condition anymore. Just when Lehrer was going to say good-bye, the man added that he had another bus, which was in good condition. Lehrer was intrigued, so he began asking questions. The bus was made in 1946, and could run. After some discussion and Lehrer looking at some pictures sent to him of the bus, he concluded that the bus was special. After some more negotiating he and the man made a deal.

 Lehrer then goes to Virginia, where he is picking up the bus; seeing it for the first time in real life. Lehrer has never driven a bus, but with a little guidance from the man Lehrer practices around the parking lot, getting the hang of it. After some trial and error Lehrer was finally ready to hit the road with the bus. While driving the bus on the road, Lehrer feels pretty nostalgic. But when he pulled over to get gas for the bus another mishap occurred. After filling up the bus, Lehrer tries to start it but it doesn’t start. Lehrer, annoyed and a little frustrated with the moment, concluded that he needed to find someone who was capable of fixing the bus. Thankfully he sees a truck repair shop where he meets two men help him out. After paying those men, before Lehrer knew it he was back on the road. After a few more hours of driving he reaches his house in West Virginia. Which is the end of the story of him buying a bus, and finally having a bus of his own.


The reason why this story stood out to me the most was the fact that it was a little funny, especially the fact that Lehrer bought a whole bus! Most people would never do that. Another thing that stood out to me about this story was the way it felt nostalgic, and a little bit bittersweet; as if you were the author yourself. Because this story was recounted from my memory of the book, it is probably missing some bits and pieces, but hopefully it gets the point across. As for what I thought of the whole book? I thought it was pretty good, like I mentioned above. Lehrer is a pretty good storyteller and writer, and he keeps the book entertaining, while making it make sense. Also it is pretty impressive that Lehrer was able to remember so much about his life. So overall I liked this book a great deal, and had an enjoyable experience reading it.

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