The Business Opportunity that Intrigued Me the Most

During this week of business I learned about four business opportunities. The business opportunity that I learned about this week that intrigued me the most was Ghostwriting. Here is why.

Ghostwriting is where you help someone write a book, speech, article, etc. But the person that hired the ghostwriter gets the credit for the written work. Sometimes people do give credit to the ghostwriter but usually not. The reason why people hire ghostwriters is because they are too busy, not skilled enough of a writer, etc, but they want to write some form of written work. An example of a popular book that was written by a ghostwriter is Living History, by Hilary Clinton. 

To be a ghostwriter you have to be a good writer which is obvious, people won’t hire you if you are not a great writer. Like I mentioned ghostwriters usually do not get credit for the written work, but that is not the point of ghostwriting; the purpose of ghostwriting is to let the person who hired you to shine, to get the credit because it is technically there writing piece, you the ghostwriter on the other hand will make a decent to great profit.

In conclusion ghostwriting was the business opportunity out of the four I learned about during week, that intrigued me the most.

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