The Business Opportunity that Intrigued Me the Most

During this past week of business I learned about four more business opportunities. Out of these four the business opportunity that intrigued me the most was, Audio Production; and here is why.

Audio production is used in podcasts and audiobooks, usually. So I am going to be mentioning the two often in this essay. Podcasts are listened to by many today; more often now than listening to the radio. The way to become successful when creating podcasts is by finding a topic or niche you like, or that is sought for. You also need good equipment and tools to make good content. 

The way you make money in this form of audio production? Well podcasts are usually free so the way you make money is by advertising. The way you advertise when podcasting is by advertising during the podcast. The other way you can make money by podcasting is by producing and managing podcasts for other individuals, who want to have a podcast but do not have the time, skill, etc.

The other business opportunity that uses audio production is the production of audiobooks. These days there are plenty of people you prefer to listen to a book instead of reading one, also there are plenty of published authors who would like their book to be also in the form of an audiobook, who don’t have the time, skills, etc to make one themselves. To make audiobooks you need good equipment, editing software, etc, to produce one. If the author of the book is not well known you will have to advertise.

In conclusion this is why audio production is the business opportunity that intrigued me the most.

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