The Major Turning Points in My Life

Throughout my life there have been quite a few turning points, things that have changed my life, either for the better or the worse. Most of these turning points were minor or small but I have experienced some major ones. The major turning points in my life in my opinion were moving to British Columbia in 2016, and the much more recent rapid and very dramatic change in the world due to Covid 19. But why were these events in my life major turning points? How did they take place? 

Moving to British Columbia

After living in the east and the midwest of Canada for a while, my parents decided it was time to go all the way west, to British Columbia, to have a change. I had actually already lived in British Columbia, but that was a while ago. Also my youngest sibling had never been to the province. Moving to British Columbia was a major turning point for me because I have lived there since that move. Even though to most people it is normal to live in a province or state for over a few years; but for me this was not normal, you see throughout my life before than I had moved a lot. My family and I usually lived in one place for eight months at max, until we moved again, to a new province. Every single year I moved an average of two to five times!

Moving a lot for me was challenging; it was hard to make friends in the new places I moved too because I barely had enough time to make those friends before I moved again. I did interact with people my age because my parents signed me up to quite a few fun activities(these included science camp, choir, musical theater, etc), where I socialized, but that was not the same as spending time with friends. But when I did move to British Columbia, I was able to make friends, and have long term interactions with people I knew over a span of time. Also staying in one province for a while had its benefits other than making long term friendships, such as having stability, getting a job(which would have been hard if I was still moving), and getting to know a place really well. The reason why this took place? Well my parents wanted to move to British Columbia, which I am forever grateful for.

Covid 19

Covid 19 in my opinion changed most people’s lives, at least for Canadians and Americans. But for me I would definitely have to add this as a major turning point because it changed my life so much. Before Covid 19 life was simpler, and “normal,” at least it seemed so. But in March lock down happened in Canada, and life for everyone changed drastically. During the two month( March to May), I didn’t see any of my friends, and was basically cut off from all social interaction. Though my school life hadn’t changed at all and I was still able to work, life for me during that time was incredibly lonely. I acknowledged that I was fortunate to be able to do school and work(many people were unable to at the time), and still do, but it was hard and challenging.

In May when things started to open up a little, I saw some of my friends for the first time in a while, but it still was weird. People were uneasy and paranoid, and things were uncertain. The summer got better, but it wasn’t the same. My mentality changed a lot during that time; I began to notice how “fear” had an effect on people, how it changed their lives; I also realized that I needed to be more focused than ever before to succeed, because who knows what will happen in the future. I became cynical. Now I am becoming more positive, and realizing that it is not healthy to look fully on the doom and gloom; and that life is full of hope, even though it looks hopeless. This is a major turning because it is still affecting my life today, and it is very real. Why did this take place? Well I believe I am not in the place to answer that but I will say that there are many answers to that, from many perspectives.


My life is always changing, thanks to the turning points of life. The two major turning points that I have gone through are: moving to British Columbia, and Covid 19. These two events changed my life pretty drastically especially Covid 19. To conclude this I would have to say that no matter what happens in your life or in the world, having faith and hope is truly essential in overcoming and going through challenges.


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