Ghost Writing as a Business Opportunity

In this essay I will be writing about the business opportunity, ghostwriting. But this time I will be doing it in more depth; and will be answering some important questions, and also getting into how I would turn ghostwriting as a business.

 Who will I Serve in the Marketplace?

The people I will serve as a ghostwriter are people who want to write some form of written work, usually a memoir or autobiography, for example. But these individuals just do not have the time, skill, etc to write or fully write that written work.

How will I Help Them?

The way I will help these individuals is by writing the written work that they want to be written. Though this sounds simple there is more to it. In a more in-depth explanation; I will be helping these people write an amazing piece of work that they themselves could not do alone.

What are the Barriers to Entry in this Service?

Like every business opportunity there will always be barriers to entry. The main barriers to entry for ghostwriting are: not being a skilled writer, and being a person who wants to always be in the spotlight or be recognized. Ghostwriting after all is about ensuring that the person that hired and paid you, will get the spotlight and recognition, not the other way around.

How will I Make Money Doing this Service?

The way I will make money by doing this service is by writing, of course. But the way I will be paid is by project billings, and one-time or ongoing subscriptions. The reason why I think this form of payment is the best way, is because it isn’t really accurate to be paid by the hour(each project takes different amounts of time), or by monthly retainers(a monthly retainer is where you get paid by your client once a month whether or not you are doing work for them), which again isn’t accurate.

Why is this a Long-Term Opportunity for Me?

I have a passion for writing, I really enjoy writing. Also because I enjoy it I don’t find it a chore to get a piece of writing done. I also am a decent writer, and I am still young, so from now I will keep on improving with practice, which means when I am older and turn this business opportunity into a reality I would be a pretty good writer. Another reason why this is a longer-term opportunity for me is because there are plenty of people who want to have a written work done who just don’t have the time or skill to do so. So in my opinion because ghostwriting is a sought for service, and there is demand, it could easily become a long-term opportunity that lasts for five years or more.


In this essay I answered several questions in depth on ghostwriting as a business opportunity. These questions included: who I will serve in the marketplace, how will I help them, what are the barriers to entry, etc. To conclude I would have to say that this business opportunity highly intrigues me, and I would consider it.

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