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Well recently as you might know I began shaking things up by deciding to start posting posts on me writing about books for personal enjoyment. So today I felt like bashing a book, so here it is. lol

So recently I finished the book Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. The book is about a girl named Juliette(she narrates the story), who is 17 years old. Juliette is born with a special ability; she has a lethal touch. Whoever touches her or she touches can die or experience extreme pain. Because of her unique ability she is technically a threat so she is locked up in a prison, basically. She is also technically an orphan.

The world that Juliette lives in is falling apart, people are dying. Food is running out. The government called The Reestablishment a disaster, etc. Basically the recipe of a Dystopian novel!

But one day Juliette gets a cellmate a young man named Adam(before she had been completely alone in this prison). This changes the course of her life. Before she knows it she is removed from her prison and taken to become a weapon of the Reestablishment! I will stop there because I know I will spoil the story.

Well I had some issues with this book. It was pretty predictable, and also um, uncomfortable to read on occasions. For example the way Juliette describes Adam, just makes me cringe.

For example Adam is incredibly good looking(he is the literal definition of today’s standard of a good looking guy), and a lot of words and phrases such as: gorgeous, perfect jawline, muscular, tall, beautiful eyes. I just need to stop, I am making myself uncomfortable! Are used by Juliette to describe him.

I am now going to give a big spoiler because I really don’t care, and even if I didn’t give it, at this rate you probably know what it already is! Adam is one of the rare people that can actually touch her! *internally screams

That was predictable, I mean it would be so boring if there was a very attractive guy in the book and the heroine is unable to touch him, um yeah. So that’s the end of that……..

Just kidding I feel like complaining about this book more. Um, the romance in this book, its, its there, and I don’t know what else to say about it. So moving on to some literary points of this novel, because I am trying to keep this educational.

So the main themes in this book are: love, struggle, hope. I guess it is difficult to pinpoint the exact themes of this book other than the theme of love, of course. Because though these themes add up they don’t also.

My favorite character from the book was probably one of the supporting character,s Kenji. Probably because he isn’t the person that is describing the characters, and he is not Adam. lol

How would I rate this book? Well I would rate it a solid 5/10, it wasn’t the worst but it wasn’t great. It could of been better, but it could of been worse. What age group would I recommend this book for? Probably 14 and up, just because of the romance, and the book overall. I wouldn’t recommend it if you get uncomfortable easily, because this book does make you uncomfortable sometimes, actually a lot of the time.

But besides the point, thank you for reading my review and opinion on this book. See you all in the next post.



  1. Joy says:

    Sounds like it was written for Twilight fans and hormones–

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