Things That Make Me Feel Nostalgic

With winter coming around, and fall coming to a close there are many things that have been making me feel nostalgic, especially with the holidays coming around, and everything feeling so Christmasy. So here are some things that make me feel nostalgic:

1: the smell of Christmas trees.

2: Hearing Japanese people speak.

3: Walking around at night surrounded by Christmas lights.

4: Listening to Frank Sinatra Christmas music.

5: the smell of cinnamon.

6: doing a secret Santa with friends.

7: being goofy with friends.

8: watching cheesy Christmas movies with family.

9: skiing with friends.

10: decorating cookies.

As you can clearly tell I am way to excited for Christmas, because most of these are related in Christmas, oh well, I mean who isn’t excited for Christmas.

Well bye for now. *takes a sip of hot chocolate*



  1. The smell of Christmas trees also makes me feel nostalgic and makes Christmas feel a lot more real! I hope you have a lovely Christmas with loved ones and thanks for sharing!

    Feel free to read some of my blogs 🙂


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