300th Post/ Update

Yup! This is officially my 300th post! Which is actually insane because I have been blogging for a little above a year now. Well to celebrate this milestone I guess, I read some of my earliest posts. *laughs awkwardly* May I just say I have progressed and improved. My writing wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great. I will give myself the credit that I was 13/14, and in two grades lower than I am now. But seriously I really didn’t understand paragraphs to save my life. Some of my paragraphs in some of my essays had two sentences, two!! I should stop my ranting about my interesting writing skills last year. lol.

So moving on, now for the update.

Because I will be having Christmas break(which I literally dying for), I will not be blogging for a week of my break; I won’t be writing any essays during my break so what’s the point of posting if I have nothing to post, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t be liking posts or commenting on other people’s posts, etc, I just won’t be posting myself. When will I start taking this break? Well I will start taking the break on Monday the 21st, so through Christmas.

I know this isn’t a major update at all but I felt like you guys needed to be updated on what my posting will be like coming forward during winter break. Well that’s all for the update, still cannot believe that I have posted 300 posts. lol

See you guys in the next one!


  1. Raegan says:

    Congrats on 300 post! Have fun on Christmas break!

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    1. Thank you Raegan! Yes I will! I won’t be starting it though until the 21st.

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      1. Raegan says:

        Your welcome! Nice! I dont now when I get off lol.

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      2. Lol. I hope you get off soon!

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  2. iamstan1 says:

    deepest heartfelt congratulations. May your unique blogging voice live on far after you have left this small pastime.

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    1. iamstan1 says:

      I already think that was *laughs awkwardly*

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  3. vaniheart says:

    Enjoy your Christmas break❤❤

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  4. You indeed have improved a lot, you totally deserve a break! Looking forward to your future essays!

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  5. Congratulations on a wonderful milestone. Have a wonderful day and remain safe.

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