In What Ways Did Christianity Represent a Departure From the Ideals and Practices of Ancient Greece and Rome

During the later history of the Roman empire, Rome began leaving their old ways and religion, becoming a dominantly Christian civilization. Also Christianity was growing; more and more people were becoming Christians, finding Jesus. In other words it was spreading quickly, which dramatically changed the culture in Rome. So in what ways did Christanity represent a departure from the culture and traditions of ancient Greece and Rome, now that Rome was a dominantly Christian civilization.

The first way that Christianity represented a departure from the culture of ancient Greece and Rome, was the fact that people began leaving behind the traditional religion of Greece and Rome, and the superstition of the culture of Greece and Rome. Also people began implementing the Bible, into their lives, making people far more moral than before. Before Christianity the culture of ancient Rome and Greece was definitely not moral. For example infanticide(killing of unwanted infants), was a pretty common practice in the ancient world, but when Christianity(which of course was highly against the practice), became dominant the practice disappeared. Also because morality was on a rise due to Christianity, people began helping others more, for example with charity and the building of hospitals, before this the Roman’s and Greek’s were definitely not the charitable sort, and helping others was even scorned upon. So overall Christanity left behind all the religious practices and immoral traditions of the Roman’s and Greeks.

In summary Christianity represented a departure from the culture and traditions of ancient Greece and Rome with the leaving behind of the immoral practices of the ancient Greeks and Romans; this included leaving behind the superstition that the old culture had. Also importantly Christianity changed the view on helping others, and the overall treatment of others, thanks to the ethics and moral teachings that Christianity encourages and teaches.

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