David Copperfield

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I read this particular novel around a month ago, but today for some unknown reason I felt like writing about this classic today. Even though I have forgotten most of the small details of this classic it has stuck with me, and still feels very fresh to my mind. During my “journey” of reintroducing reading back into my life David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens, by far is one of my favorites I have read so far, and I dare say is probably going onto my list of my favorite books.

Well the first thing to note is the fact that this is a very long novel, I thing it’s around 800 to 900 pages long, I am not exactly sure, but it’s long. Because of the length each page fits let’s say the length of the American Constitution, and the words are in size 2 font, so it’s not the best for your eyes. But honestly who cares about that right? Moving onto my summary of the novel.

The novel is the life story of a man named David Copperfield in short, from childhood to mid-adulthood I guess(I do not remember the novel saying how old Copperfield was in the end of the novel), but I am guessing mid-adulthood, he did not seem young in the end of book for some reasons which I will not disclose because I do not want to spoil for ya’ll, trust me on this.

Getting back onto the summary, so it’s the life story of David Copperfield(he is a fictional character). Dickens’s does a beautiful job using the first person narration style. The novel is written in a way that makes it seem that Copperfield is retelling an autobiographical account of his life, though it’s fictional. Copperfield goes through many ups and downs in life, and goes through the struggles of life. Overall this novel seems very real and rather relatable from my experience of reading it. Also there are many important themes such as, love, coming of age, death or loss, etc. I am sorry that this summary is very short but I will spoil the story if I get into it more.

Now to the technical stuff, the main themes in this novel are many, just because its so long, so I would say that the main themes are like I mentioned above, which are: love, coming of age, and death or loss. The reason why I believe these are the themes?

Love: Copperfield falls in love three times during the length of this novel.

Coming of age: I mean the novel itself is about the main character from childhood to mid adulthood, and also about the main character’s self growth as a person the older he becomes.

Death: Copperfield experiences the lost of loved ones more than once; this in my opinion is a key to the character development.

Who was my favorite character? Probably Copperfield and one of the main female character’s Agnes(who is very a smart figure). But I also like some of the minor characters who play lesser roles.

I rate this book around 7.5 to 8/10, just because the novel itself is like 3 decent sized novels put into one, and there are a lot of ups in downs in the story because it is a life story, some parts interesting, and others drag on. What age(s) would I recommend this book for? I would say 12 and up, just because you have to be a pretty good reader to fully appreciate the novel, and also because there are more mature themes. But overall this book is great for teens and adults, and I highly recommend if you are looking for a good classic to read that will last you a while. Overall this is just a great novel and is one of the reasons why I love Charles Dickens’s as an author as much as I do.

Thank for reading.



  1. Great review. I have a collection of Charles Dickens novels. Im looking forward to read this story!

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    1. Thank you!😊 Nice I hope you enjoy it!!

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  2. akamamo says:

    noice *in an amazing Australian accent*

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