What Can I Do to Make My Autobiography Less Disjointed Than Twain’s

Mark Twain(1835-1910), is probably one of the most famous and beloved authors in American history. He has written many famous works including the famous Tom Sawyer, which are still read today. Twain is famous for his unique humor, which is seen in many of his novels. Twain later in life even wrote an autobiography, which unfortunately was not as good as his other written works, due to the fact that it was disjointed, and a great deal of his life stories in the autobiography did not fit together or align. So what can I do when I endeavor writing an autobiography to prevent it from being as disjointed as Twain’s?

The first thing I can do to prevent my autobiography from being as disjointed as Twain’s is to keep a diary or journal. Keeping a diary or journal will enable me to write down specific events that happen to me or memorable life stories of mine immediately after the event happens. Which will ensure that I won’t be struggling when writing those events in my autobiography because I have a diary that contains all of those events in detail, instead of just using my memory which can be faulty. Even though this diary won’t contain every single detail of every single day of my life, I will be able to have a firm and sturdy foundation to go off of for my autobiography, which in turn will prevent it from being disjointed.

The second thing I can do to prevent my autobiography from being disjointed is by keeping a timeline of my life. One of the main issues I noticed with Twain’s autobiography that made it so disjointed was the fact that the timeline was all over the place. For example one chapter was about him when he was in his early teens and then the next chapter was about him when he was a young child. It doesn’t exactly flow smoothly, and is a bit all over the place. So by making a timeline of my life which contains all of the important events that happened when I was a child, teenager, and adult, in that order the autobiography will flow nicely, preventing it from being disjointed. Also with the timeline whoever is reading the autobiography will feel as if they were being led through my life smoothly, without being jostled backward to a completely different time of my life.

In short the ways I can make my autobiography less disjointed than Twain’s autobiography are: by keeping a diary, which will record all of the important events in my life which will make the writing process much easier, while also making the autobiography flow. The second thing I can do to make my autobiography less disjointed than Twain’s is by keeping a timeline of my life, so that all of my life stories and important events that have happened in my life are in the correct order, which prevents my autobiography from being confusing and all over the place like Twain’s.


  1. SonofYHWH says:

    Great essay! You are doing English 1 with Gary North, right?
    There is one thing I noticed that you might find interesting. To my knowledge, when you introduce a word that begins or introduces a sentence (i.e. Also, Second, So, In short, Finally, In conclusion, etc.), you put a comma after it and then continue your sentence.
    The formality and professionalism your writing style conveys is very good. Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much! Yes. Thank you for letting me know. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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