What Benefits Would I Get From Writing an Autobiography

Throughout history countless people have written books that are like autobiographies, on their lives, legacy, etc. Some of these autobiographies are still read today for many reasons. But what if I consider writing an autobiography someday, what if I want to compress all of my life stories into one book to be read by a group of people. Well if I do such a thing and actually put time into going forward in the endeavor of writing an autobiography what benefits would I personally get from writing an autobiography, or compressing all of my life stories into a single unit of a book?

Benefit One:

The first benefit I believe I will get from writing an autobiography is leaving a legacy for my children or later generations to go back to. Thinking logically who knows if I will even have children, but I do plan on having children sometime in the future. But nevertheless if I do have children I would want them to know of my life, my achievements or accomplishments, the challenges I faced and how I overcame them, etc. But most importantly I do hope that my autobiography will come to use for my children. For example, what if my adult child faces some problem which I similarly faced, but because of my autobiography my child will be able to read and go back on how I faced and dealt with that problem, which will inspire them, and help them deal with the issue at hand. Even this probably will not be the case, it still would be nice to leave a little something about “me” for my children.

Benefit Two:

The second benefit I will get from writing an autobiography is being able to look through my life. Even though you can look through your life in other ways including going through all your memories, writing an autobiography will make all of those memories in an organized order and easily accessible for me to revisit. Also this benefit will be helpful after I write the autobiography when I am a much older individual, to “relive,” all of those past moments in my life without relying on my faulty memory.

Benefit Three:

The third benefit and final benefit I will get from writing an autobiography is knowing that I accomplished writing an actual autobiography. I mean not that many people have gone around and used their precious time to write an autobiography, so actually completing one personally will feel like a huge accomplishment for me. 


Writing an autobiography sounds like such a daunting and difficult task to accomplish at first, but after you realize that there are benefits to doing so, it becomes far less daunting. For me I believe that the three benefits I will get from going ahead and writing an autobiography are: leaving a legacy for my children or later generations, being able to look through my life, and finally the accomplishment of writing an actual autobiography. Even though there are definitely more benefits to writing an autobiography, and everyone has different ideas on what those benefits will be, these three in my opinion are the benefits I will get from writing an autobiography.

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