How was Philip II Augustus Significant in French History

Philip II Augustus(ruled. 1180-1223), was a king in France. He ruled during a time when King’s did not have a whole lot of power, thanks to the feudal system, the Viking invasions, and also during a time when France was one of the weaker countries in Europe. But what was so significant about Philip II Augustus in French history?

Philip II Augustus was significant in French history for more than one reason. The first reason why he was significant was because he destroyed the Angevin empire(which was technically under the control of England), and obliterated King John of England. This was a huge achievement for France, because it made it from one of the weaker countries in Europe to be the dominant country in Europe.

Because of the feudal system which was an outcome of the Viking invasions, the government in France was not centralized whatsoever. King’s before Philip tried to centralize the government, but with little success. But when Philip himself became King, he began taking action on this, and began to take control of fiefs from deceased or unsuitable vassals. This in turn began centralizing the power in France, making it more powerful.

In summary, how was Philip II Augustus significant in French history? He was most significant due to the fact that he centralized the power of France, which made it a more powerful country. But another thing that he was significant for was defeating the Angevin empire and King John of England which further strengthened France, hence making it a dominant European power at the time.

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