Who Would be My Target Audience for My Autobiography

When writing any form of literature, including an autobiography, you must always consider who would be the target audience, who would read it, and most importantly who to target when writing the piece. A lot of the time most literary works have more than one target audience which is pretty normal; this usually happens with fictional works. But what about the target audience(s), of autobiographies? Well this is more complicated, just because an autobiography is about your life, which narrows down the target audience. But if I decide someday to write an autobiography who would be my target audience for this book?

Well first of all I am still in my youth, not an adult, which means I haven’t done much when it comes to achievements. Also when I do write my autobiography if I do go ahead with it I will probably be elderly or a lot older than I am today, which means who knows what happened in my life until the point and age I will be when I am writing it. Like everyone I cannot see into my future. But that still does not mean that I do not have an idea on what my future may look like, which is what I will be going off of in this essay.

Moving on I also had to note that my target audience is rather limited in my idea of it, because of the reasons above. Also I am not a well known individual or “famous” whatsoever, and I do not plan on becoming “famous,” in the future at all, which further limits the target audience. So on that note my target audience for my autobiography is my family and friends. I mean if I am not well known or famous outside of my family, who would read my autobiography outside of my family and friends. So the logical route is choosing my family and friends, or the people who I am close to.

In short, one of the key things to writing an autobiography or any work of literature is figuring out who the target audience will be. A target audience could be a wide range or a narrow one of individuals, it truly depends on the work. Personally, my target audience if I end up writing an autobiography is my family, friends, or anyone who is close to me in some way. But truly who knows, only the test of time can truly decide this.


  1. SonofYHWH says:

    What lesson was this?

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    1. thank you! Lesson 95.

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      1. SonofYHWH says:

        Oh…I’m way behind you.

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  2. digstar34 says:

    Congrats on 300!

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