Should I Include Reconstructed Speeches in My Autobiography?

By reading this title, you may be thinking that the phrase “reconstructed speeches,” means I will be reconstructing and adding actual speeches with an audience that I participated in my future autobiography. This is not the case whatsoever. “Reconstructed speeches,” at least to the definition I will be following, means actual conversations I have had, which I will be reconstructing because I have partially forgotten the details of those conversations. But should I actually include reconstructed speeches in my future autobiography?

In novels I have read and movies and TV shows I have watched I have noticed that conversations or a dialogue play an important role in making those things entertaining. So including conversations in my autobiography even though I will most likely not be able to remember everything in that conversation will still be pretty beneficial in making my autobiography entertaining. 

But like a lot of things, including adding reconstructed speeches or conversations in my autobiography also has its drawbacks or issues with it. The first drawback is with the issue of the accuracy of the reconstructed conversations. I do not have a crazy accurate memory like some people. I am unable to remember every single detail of my life. So a lot of the conversations I have had are pretty fuzzy in my memory; I do remember the basic outline of those conversations, but those important smaller details aren’t there for me. This is where the reconstruction comes in but I do want my autobiography to be as accurate as possible, and those conversations I may be reconstructing and including in my autobiography may not be so accurate. 

So because I want a precise and accurate autobiography, which is also entertaining I will be avoiding adding any reconstructed speeches in my future autobiography. Even though reconstructed speeches will add an entertainment factor, the most important aspect of an autobiography is accurately telling my life story. So with that being said there are other ways to make your autobiography entertaining other than adding reconstructed speeches anyways.

In short, the answer to the question: “should I include reconstructed speeches in my autobiography?” Is no; like I stated above, the main goal with my autobiography is to be an accurate telling of my life story, and reconstructed speeches or conversations just do not cut it for me. If I did have an excellent memory or a photogenic one I would include reconstructed speeches, but because I do not, I will avoid adding reconstructed speeches to my autobiography, because of the risk of inaccuracy.


  1. Anastasia says:

    I think you should try it out! I’d love to see them

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    1. Yeah maybe I should. 😊


      1. Anastasia says:

        Definitely! I wish you success my friend 😁

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