What Kind of Developments Occurred During the Renaissance of the 12th Century

When you normally think of a renaissance, you will most likely think of the renaissance that occurred during the 16th century. But in actuality there have been multiple historical moments that fall into the definition of a “renaissance.” The renaissance of the 12th century is one of those historical moments that fall into that category. But what kind of developments occurred during the renaissance of the 12th century?

The renaissance of the 12th century was a revival of the interest of history, Roman Law, and Latin literature. Before this there had been a decline of this after the Carolingian renaissance. So because of this revival the translating and reading of these written works was on a rise throughout the renaissance. Also at this time the works of Aristotle became highly popular and influential; and were used in most university curriculum’s. The rise of universities was another development that happened during that time. 

Medicine, science, and philosophy was beginning to be studied also, and there was an improvement and development on geography through the use of books. Like I mentioned above there was also a revival in Roman law during the 12th century renaissance. Roman law basically was all about uniting kingdoms together under one law or law code. Roman law was also all about the absolute power of kings, or rulers.

In conclusion, even though the 12th century renaissance is less influential and known as the renaissance of the 16th century, it is still a pretty important piece of the development of western civilization, and should be noted as an historic occurrence that happened.

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