Why do Living Creatures Have Such a Difficult Time Obtaining Energy

As most know all living things need some sort of energy to survive; and most also know that the sun provides a tremendous amount(much more than what is used), of energy to earth. But even with all of this available energy why do living creatures still have such a difficult time obtaining energy, and why do creatures still starve?

Well first of all I am not expert in this and this essay is only based on what I think is the answer(s) for the questions above. Also to note not all living things receive direct energy from the sun, for example a lot of living things actually get energy from other living things. So with those things on the clear here is the reason why I think living creatures have such a hard time obtaining energy, why living creatures still starve.

The reason I believe is the fact that in some areas there is a lack of wild plants(which are the primary producers). This is due to a variety of factors, including changes of climate, etc. Because of the lack of plants or primary producers the herbivores(primary consumers), will starve because they depend on plants for their energy. Because the primary consumers are starving off the secondary consumers or the carnivores will now have a shortage of their food or energy source. Hence why living creatures have such a difficult time obtaining energy.

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