How Can We Account for Western Europe’s Sustained Economic Success

Throughout history people have noticed that Western Europe has sustained economic success, even during the middle ages. This economic success is due to more than one factor that we account for, but what can we account for the sustained economic success in the west?

There were definitely quite a few reasons that account for this economic success, but the first one was political decentralization. Political decentralization led to competition into many areas, for example in prices of items. Also because the government was decentralized people moved to areas that had the best economic policies, and the most freedoms, which helped those areas’ economies thrive. The towns with the most economic freedom were the wealthiest. Another reason was due to the fact that restrictions were being lifted off of internal trade, which led to international trade. Also it began to be safer to do international trade because thieves, and other problematic individuals would be punished or banned.

Even though Europe definitely had more economic freedom than other places, it definitely was not perfect and there were some aspects that were not freedom oriented whatsoever. For example during the middle ages there was something known as the Hanseatic league. Even though this league did some good, it was oppressive and used violence against their rivals. Also there were many other regulations that were put in place which did not benefit the economy.

In short political decentralization was the main reason for western Europe’s sustained economic success. 

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