John Wycliffe

John Wycliffe((1320-1384), was an important religious figure during the 14th century. He was one of the earliest figures who preached the views associated with predestination; and was a priest and professor, at Oxford. 

Wycliffe had many different opinions on things, some of his views included: someone in a state of sin loses all rights to property, all Christians are priests, any Church or priest who owns property defies Christ, and the most unpopular of all at the time, kings had the right to elect bishops and take away property. Even with all of these unpopular views his greatest achievement was his translation of the bible. Wycliffe also urged that the Church of England should be separate from the papacy. 

Because the Great Schism was going on, Wycliffe managed to be able to do his work. But because of the Great Revolt, the government stopped supporting him, his views on property were too problematic. Because of this he had to leave Oxford.

In short, John Wycliffe was an early figure who was an influence to the protestant reformation; even before Martin Luther and John Calvin. At the time his views were very unpopular, especially his views on property, which was the reason for the government abandoning their support for him. If the government had supported him, the Protestant reformation would have begun a hundred years earlier. 

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