Some of the Key Ideas From the Renaissance

The Renaissance, yes I mean the one that everyone thinks of when they hear the word “renaissance.” The Renaissance was a very important time in history, and was very influential in the development of western civilization. Even though there were many moments in history before the 14th century that embodied some aspects like a renaissance, the Renaissance that began in the 14th century by far was the most influential out of them all. Because of the historical significance of the Renaissance, some of the key ideas or elements of that era in history are still adopted today in the 21st century. So what were some of these key ideas from this very important era in history.


Individualism was one of the most important ideas from the Renaissance and the most influential today. Individualism promotes independence, self reliance, and the exercise of one’s goals and desires. Some examples proving that individualism was a pretty important idea in the Renaissance were: artists begin signing their work, which does not seem unusual whatsoever today but it was not previously done. Also another example is the fact that self portraiture was also becoming more common during the renaissance.


Humanism was another idea that became more common during the Renaissance. People during the Renaissance were becoming more individualist, which brought forward a new idea at the time Humanism. Humanism during the Renaissance was different than how people perceive it today. During the Renaissance humanism was basically a revival of the study of classical antiquity.


During the Renaissance people began having new interest in antiquity(in the case of the ancient world). People before did have interest in the ancient world, especially ancient Greece, but this interest had a lot to do with Christianity.  But now during the Renaissance people had an interest in classical antiquity for its “own sake.”


The Renaissance was a very interesting time in history. It was a time of revival for many things that were rather forgotten before. Like any time in history the Renaissance was also a time with new key ideas; some of these key ideas included: individualism, humanism, antiquity. Some of these ideas from the Renaissance are still influential today.

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