When you hear the word cancer you probably think of a terrible disease, which is very complicated and unknown, which is understandable. Common questions that people ask about cancer include: is it alive? Why aren’t Doctors able to find a single cure for it? Is It contagious? 

The answer to the first question: is cancer alive? The answer to this is a little complicated because cancer is caused from cell mutations or cells that no longer do what they were designed to do. These mutated cells act out in the body like a virus, and are dependent on the body, which generally means that cancer is not alive.

Cancer is complex; there are many types of cancer. Cancer is a very broad term to describe a series of diseases. Because of this doctors have not been able to find a cure. Of course there are treatments for cancer, a common example of which is chemo. 

But is cancer contagious? No. Cancer is not contagious, not in the way like a cold or any other contagious illness. This is because cancer is not alive, like I pointed out above. But you can inherit cancer through genetics, but I would say that this is not the same as being contagious.

In conclusion, cancer is not alive, incurable due to how many types of cancers there are, and not contagious.

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