Three Artists From the Early Renaissance

The Renaissance was a time of development in many areas, one of those areas that was developing during that time was art. Of course there was art before the Renaissance, but art became more popular and mainstream during that time. In this essay I will be writing about three artists during the early period of the Renaissance. These three artists that I will be writing about are: Lorenzo Ghiberti, Donatello, and Botticelli.

Lorenzo Ghiberti

Lorenzo Ghiberti(1378-1455), was a very skilled artist who mainly worked with Bronze. His most famous work was done on the doors of the Florence Baptistry. The work included twenty eight bronze door panels, which included twenty on the life of Christ, four on the apostles, and the last four on the doctors of the church. This took him twenty years to complete.


Donatello(1386-1486), was an assistant to Lorenzo Ghiberti; he used his experience at Ghiberti’s workshop well. He mainly did sculptures, and his best work was his statue of David. He also did sculptures of secular objects. His works showed a lot of variety and individuality(which was very much Renaissance).


Botticelli(1444-1510), was a painter who was not very appreciated or well known until the mid 19th century. His most famous and well known work is the painting The Birth of Venus, which is a very well known painting today. In my opinion it rather represents what people think of the art during the renaissance.


Lorenzo Ghiberti, Donatello, and Botticelli are three examples of the talented artists during the early Renaissance. Each artist that I wrote about had pretty different art styles from each other, which rather proves just how diverse art was during the Renaissance.

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