Is the Family a Government?

The family has been a very important part of society from the beginning of time. Most people today have a family or are a part of a family. In my opinion a family can be considered an institution; and many aspects of society today would not be able to function well without families. But because a family is an important part of society and is considered by some an institution even, could you consider the family a government?

Yes I believe the family is a legitimate form of government. Why believe this is because the parents of the family manage the bills of the family, they impose positive or negative sanctions on their children, and finally they do in a sense make “laws,” for the household. What I mean by “laws,” in the sense of the family is for example things the family is permitted to do and what they are not permitted to do. Also parents are also in control of their children’s education in many ways, for example parents can decide if they want their children to go to public school, private school, or be home schooled. 

In conclusion, yes in my opinion the family is a legitimate form of government. The family is able to impose positive or negative sanction, manage the finances, and decide what form of education the children of the family are to be a part of. This is all very similar to the state government; for example the state government can impose positive or negative sanctions, and also manage the finances of the state.

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