What Were Some of the Problems Associated With the Renaissance Papacy

The Renaissance like many people say was a time of change, or a time of development. One of the things that was changing during the Renaissance was the Church, or the Papacy in particular. Some of these changes were positive, and others were very negative bringing forth problems and conflict. There were issues associated with the Papacy during the Renaissance, but what were some of these problems?

Like I mentioned above there were problems associated with the Papacy during the Renaissance, the first of which was nepotism. For example a pope would elect his nephews or nieces to positions they were not worthy of, in other words he would elect them just because they were family. Another problem was the fact that some popes were having affairs, or relationships. Which is not allowed whatsoever. Another problem which was associated with popes having affairs was the fact that some popes had children! Again a Pope is not allowed to have children, be married, or be in an affair. The final problem is how some popes during this time abused their power, or thought they were above the law.

With that being said there were quite a few problems that were associated with the papacy during the renaissance. These problems included nepotism or Popes electing family members for positions just because they were family. Popes having affairs, having children, and thinking they were above the law or abusing their power. The church at this point in history was in much need for reform for multiple reasons including the ones above; this in turn brought forth a new movement known as the Protestant reformation.

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