The Rise and Fall Of Girolamo Savonarola

The Renaissance when you think of it today you think of a glorious time that was full of development. A lot of people during that time also thought similarly about the age they lived. But a man named Girolamo Savonarola thought the complete opposite of the Renaissance. Savonarola saw the Renaissance as sinful and immoral, and that people put the works of the ancient world in too high regard. His preaching was incredibly powerful, and captivated many. Because he had convicted many people to his preaching he rose up quickly, but his rise did not last long.

Savonarola preached against the spirit of the Renaissance, and captivated many individuals like I stated above, but things did not last long for him. He criticized the pope at the time Alexander VI heavily. He also had full support of the French who were Italy’s enemy. Also he attacked one of the most influential families at the time, the Medici family. Overall people had enough of him. But things turned for the worst when his followers used something he had said early on in his career against him. He had said that he would walk through fire to prove that his preaching was from God. After he had refused to do what his followers wanted, soon after he was arrested and then executed.

In conclusion, this is a relatively short summary on the rise and fall of Girolamo Savonarola. From his life it is pretty easy to say that anyone no matter how high up they are can come crashing down when it comes to life.

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