Online Education is Bad For Society Because it Puts Classroom Teachers Out of Work

From reading this proposition you may agree with it, I mean it seems that online schooling does put classroom teachers out of work. This proposition shows the negative aspect of online schooling after all. But if you think about it there is always a different side or reality to what you think is the case. 

To begin with, this proposition or statement does seem relatively true but after digging deeper into the statement itself I gathered that this statement is not perfect. Yes online schooling can mean that some classroom teachers may lose their jobs, but also you have to think about the fact that online schooling probably will grow education as a market.

On the note of the fact that online schooling will most likely grow the area of education, which means most likely more jobs for teachers. Also because online schooling is technically a job and a lot of online teachers are paid for doing that job, educators are being paid. Also to note, I personally believe that a classroom teacher can also be an online teacher, it’s pretty similar except for the fact that you are teaching through the internet.

The most important thing though are the students when it comes to the market of education. With online schooling students are able to learn at their own pace which is a more detailed education. Because these students are receiving a better education from online schools, these students in turn will most likely become successful adults, which will benefit others, the job market, the economy, etc. I believe this goes for all forms of homeschooling. 

Not necessarily classroom teachers will be put out of work because of online education. Not every parent wants or can sign their children up to online schooling, so there will still be classroom students. The only way a classroom teacher would be out of work is if all of their students started doing online school. Also because of the demand of online schooling, classroom classes have less students which makes it easier for the teacher to be an effective teacher; which may attract some parents.

In conclusion, the thing that matters when it comes to the education market are the students. With online school students benefit due to the fact that they learn at their own pace, which is why there is demand for online schooling. Even with this demand for online schooling not all parents can or want to sign their children up for it, so there will be classroom students. Also because of the smaller classroom sizes due to less students, this may attract some parents to sign their children up. 


  1. Best blog with really cool stuff on it. says:

    I agree with you. Good writing

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      1. Best blog with really cool stuff on it. says:

        I love your blog and posts by the way. ❤ 🙂

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  2. Sophie G says:

    When I read the title for this post I thought you were going to say how homeschooling is bad for society just because of teachers.
    In my opinion, homeschooling is great, but the average common core teachers aren’t so good. My dad virtually hates them. XD

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    1. Yeah, the title is a bit confusing. Agreed!

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  3. cheriewhite says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Nothing takes the place of being physically present with students. They need that interaction with their teachers. Awesome and truthful piece! 🙂

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  4. dolphinwrite says:

    I would agree if I thought the teachers there were good for the youth. But with all the previous years of being vetted (Through the universities, through the training process, then through all the paper work.), the ones who remain are the ones who don’t think for themselves, go along to get along, and don’t put the children/teens before their own health insurance and retirement. Maybe one or two in a school here and there, but they get shoved or encouraged out if the continue thinking for themselves. **As such, I think we’re in a time when parents really have to take back their rights and protect their children, ensuring a quality education even if they have to cut back on some material benefits.


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