What Can We Say About the Condition of the Catholic Church on the Eve of the Protestant Reformation?

The Protestant Reformation was one of the most important moments in western history, and probably by far the most changing moments in the history of Christianity. But what can we say about the condition of the Catholic Church right before or on the eve of the Protestant Reformation.

There is not a whole lot to say about the condition or the Catholic Church on the eve of the protestant reformation; things were definitely not looking great. The church was morally in a bad state, with scandalous popes who definitely did not behave as a pope should. Also there was a decline in the attendance of the Mass and in general religious practice. Also superstitious practices were becoming more common for example, astrology. The clergy was a mess, and only wanted money. 

Also some bishops who were elected would leave the area they were assigned and not fulfill their duties as a bishop. This is known as Absenteeism. Also to add to this mess some priests were even told to hold Mass only four times a year which is definitely wrong. 

Overall the situation looked terrible in the moral and Catholic standpoint. The Catholic church was in much need for reform, and many Catholics at the time also believed this. People at the time were rather sick and tired with what was going on, so they gladly welcomed the Protestant Reformation.

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