What I Must Do in My Note-Taking to Describe What is Going on Around Me

For the past months I have been reading and studying autobiographies; also I have been learning how to write one. Because I have been learning how to write an autobiography, I have learned about how to properly write, and how not to write an autobiography. The way to properly write an autobiography is through note taking, which ensures that you have descriptions on what is going around you. But what must I do with my note-taking to properly describe what is going on around me?

Note-taking is very important when writing an autobiography, and there are many options on the way you write notes. The most effective option when taking notes in my opinion, which I may do when I write my own autobiography, is journaling. With journaling you don’t have to write everything down every single day, instead you could write every few days on the important things of your week so far. Or you could instead only record the most important events in your life.

For me personally I would most likely keep a journal every few days or whenever I feel it is important to do so. I have tried journaling every single day, and that did not work well for me. I lost motivation each day, and soon lost interest in it altogether. But some individuals may really enjoy journaling every single day, and find it very effective, so truly the way one journal is up to them. With that fact in mind that I would use a journal to keep track of my life, here are some things I must do with my note-taking.

The first thing I would do is keep my notes in chronological order. This is very important, you do not want to have an autobiography that is disjointed, or has a very disorganized chronology. The second thing I would do is not waste my time on trivial details, or avoid writing down things that are not very important; of course this is hard to prevent but still it is important in my opinion. The third and final thing I would do is try to take notes as soon as possible if something important happens in my life, so my retelling will be as accurate as possible.

Therefore, when I am taking notes for a future autobiography I will be using a journal. But with the notes itself I will make sure that my notes will be in chronological order, not be full of trivial details, and finally to ensure my retelling of an event is accurate. 


  1. Happy Panda says:

    Useful tip! I also think it is easier to journal when you don’t pressurize yourself to do it every day.

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    1. Thank you! Agreed!


  2. Maya Rajesh says:

    this was so interesting to read! great post 🙂

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