If the State is Strong Enough to do Something Good for You, it Can Also do Something Bad For You

The Government has played a role in society for a long time. It impacts many aspects of our lives today, and unfortunately has taken some control over our lives. Regardless if you agree with governments or not you must admit that governments have so far been a mixed bag. They have done some good to the people, but also have done some pretty bad things to the people.

With what I said above, it is clear that I do agree that the state can do something good for you, but also it can do something negative to you. Personally I also believe that a strong state is especially capable of doing negative and positive things to the people. Usually when a government does something negative to the people that negative thing looks positive. An example of which are certain taxes.

Also look at history; look at all the wrong governments have done to people. In my opinion history is proof enough that if a state is strong enough to do something beneficial it can also do something not beneficial.

Hence, I agree with the statement: if the state is strong enough to do something good for you, it can also do something bad for you.


  1. Good essay! Simple but sweet.
    I wish I wrote all my essays in this style, but my brain won’t permit me — it likes to make my work harder and longer, Lol.

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    1. Thank you! Lol! I relate to that when it comes to taking notes. I have to write down everything and I mean everything, or else I feel like I am not learning anything. lol

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      1. You do that too! Man, I’m glad I’m not the only one who does it. One lesson takes about 2-4 pages of notes — my hands are so tired by the end of it. Lol

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      2. Yup! Yeah same! Usually one course takes up three to four notebooks, for me!

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