Is it Possible to Have State Subsidies Without State Control

During the earlier months of the Covid 19 Pandemic in Canada, many businesses received some form of a subsidy from the government, to somewhat survive the shutdowns. A subsidy is a form of financial aid for businesses. Usually subsidies are controlled by the state, like I showed above in the Canadian example; but can these state subsidies be possible without state control?

Well the first point is the fact that you can start a charity or fund, but with that money must be coming from somewhere. This goes for state run subsidies, the money must come from somewhere. Usually this money is from other people. In the form of charity people give their money for a cause, but when it comes to state run subsidies, people are taxed. Which means that subsidies are not free, and they would not exist if they were “free.” In Canada when businesses receive subsidies from the government, other people are paying for that. Also people who receive subsidies from the state become dependent on it. Now the government controls those individuals; money after all is often used for control, so overall subsidies have a negative aspect to them. 

In conclusion, to answer the important question: is it possible to have state subsidies without state control? The answer is simply a no.

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