Happy Canada Day!

I usually don’t make posts on holidays, but today I felt like writing one today. Canada Day is not a really big deal in Canada compared to how big a deal 4th of July is in the States. This year especially it has been a bit sad due to everything going on, but thankfully today is a turning point, things are finally opening up where I live, so there is something to celebrate!

For the past week it has been abnormally hot, Tuesday was the hottest week in British Columbia, and the hottest it has ever been in Canada. In some regions in British Columbia, temperatures were almost 50 degrees C which is insane for Canada! But today it’s mellowed out which is another blessing!

Regardless of all the issues going on in the present and the unknown future ahead life is full of blessings and beauty, including places opening up, and changes in weather. So I hope you all a blessed day! Happy Canada Day!


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