How does photosynthesis affect the transfer of energy through an ecosystem? I was asked to consider the forms of energy that are readily available, and processes that make this energy available to other organisms in my answer. Well this seems confusing enough; to make it more simple I have created a scenario for explanation purposes.

In the beginning a seed grows into a plant, which in turn spreads more seeds. Also a herbivore most likely when passing by these plants will consume these plants. The herbivore uses the plant to get fuel and nutrients to continue on the day. The waste of these herbivores will go back to the soil which in turn will provide more nutrients for new plants. Maybe this certain herbivore is killed and eaten by a carnivore. Which in turn provides nutrients to the carnivore.

Now with this analogy in mind, photosynthesis helps transfer the energy from the sun to plants; these plants are most likely food for some herbivores. The Herbivores are food for the carnivores. Which in turn is how photosynthesis affects the transfer of energy through an ecosystem.

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