July for me was a crazy and busy month for a few reasons, hence why I have not posted in a little bit(I really didn’t check how many days I haven’t posted). The first reason for my lack of posting was studying and doing my first CLEP exam(which was the Western Civilization 1 exam), which was quite difficult to study for. But I did it and its over now thank goodness. I will be getting into my CLEP experience more in the next post I will make. Also since I am done with that CLEP exam I have been getting my life back together, studying for an exam put my schedule in complete disarray. But those things are neither here nor there.

A thing that I have been introducing back into my life is reading. I mean I have been reading the whole month; I have been reading my textbooks and notes, if that counts, which ultimately fried my brain. A book I just finished recently was, Six of Crows. I am not huge on fantasy, but Six of Crows, my goodness was actually a worthwhile read. I might post a summary on the book in the near future, if I have time. Now I am rereading Jane Eyre, which is one of my all time favorites. I can’t believe I have forgotten how good the book was! Before closing this post I will like add, actually I have nothing more to add; well I have nothing more to write about, so I guess I will end the post here.

I hope ya’ll are doing well and enjoying your summer, thanks for reading!


Btw: has anyone been watching the Olympics?


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