The Element of Hierarchy in Genesis 1-3

This week of English I had to explain the element of hierarchy in Genesis 1-3. I had to keep in mind Adam’s relation to God, Eve’s relation to Adam and God, and the Serpent’s relation to Adam, Eve, and God. Before diving in, hierarchy means in short: the system in which peoples or groups are ranked one above the other which is determined from status or authority.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. After He created all the animals of the world; and on the sixth day of creation, He created man, from His own image. This all occurred in seven days. Clearly, this shows that God is the highest power in the universe; He is above all of His creation. He is on top of the hierarchy.

Adam, as I stated above, was created in God’s own image, on the sixth day of creation. God put Adam above all the animals. Later on, God stated that it was not good for Adam to be alone, thus he created a woman, who was called Eve, to be Adam’s companion. Adam and Eve were allowed to eat the fruit of every tree, except for a single certain tree. This particular tree had the power to give the knowledge of good and evil.

The Serpent in Genesis 1-3, was the most scheming and crafty of the animals of God’s creation. In short, the Serpent tempted Eve to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree. After Eve consumed the fruit she persuaded Adam to do the same. This brought forth the beginning of original sin. God punished Adam and Eve and cursed the Serpent after all had been done.

Thus the hierarchy remained similar after Adam and Eve’s disobedience, yet it was different. God was above everything and everyone, man was above all the animals. But instead of men and women being placed as equals, instead women were placed below men. Hence this was the element of hierarchy in Genesis 1-3.


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